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The River Rises

As I write this, the water in the Mississippi is rising once again. The road through Alexandria will soon be impassable – less than a week after being reopened from the last flood. One of our regular 8 a.m. service attenders, who lives in Missouri, said she’s just thankful she has an alternative route – which is a great way to look at it. But that doesn’t take away the inconvenience factor. Fighting the rising river can sometimes seem like an endless and unwinnable battle.

Just this morning, I had a chat with a friend about another seemingly unwinnable battle – the one we have with our own hearts and minds. We seek to be faithful – and we have some victories along the way. But just about the time we think we think we’re winning the fight, that old human nature rises up again. If we’re honest with ourselves, we recognize that the struggle with sin, selfishness, and disobedience is one that never ends.

Fortunately, God provides help. Fortunately, God also allows for detours and even U-turns. Join us in worship this Sunday (even if you have to take an alternative route…) as we seek to fight the good fight and keep the faith!