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God’s Reflection

A few years ago, I was leading a youth group the week before Mother’s Day – and eventually our conversation came around to moms. What I discovered was that kids still love their moms, despite how they sometimes act at home. When I asked them to finish the sentence, “Mothers are…” they said things like forgiving, wise, caring, helpful, patient, and understanding. All of this from teenagers, no less! Mothers, you may be getting through after all!

When I asked everyone to share one thing that especially stood out about their own mom, one young man said, “That would have to be the time she forgave me for watering the living room.” What more can you say?

We also talked about how mothers show us the love of God. The question was raised, “How are mothers like God?” One smart-aleck said, “They’re both old.” Someone else said, “Somehow they both know everything you do.” But the overall consensus was that mothers are wise, quick to forgive, loving when we aren’t particular lovable, and really good folks to have around. Hats off to you, mothers!

P.S. Make your mom happy and take her to church this Sunday. See you there!