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Sitting in Circles

God’s love for us is never changing. How much we grow in love and faith, however, is up to us. William Boggs once wrote, “For many of us, religion is like an artificial limb. It has neither warmth nor life, and though it helps us stumble along, it never becomes a part of us. We strap it on once a week and take it off after Sunday lunch to limp through the ordinary demands of daily living.”

Does your faith make a difference in your daily life? Are you growing in discipleship or just limping along? Now is the time to make your faith a priority!

A pastor I know was explaining to me that Christians do some things sitting in rows and other things sitting in circles. We worship together in rows because God is our primary focus and audience, but we learn and do ministry together in circles. Likewise, we experience the warmth of fellowship in circles.

If you’re only sitting in rows, but not in circles, the season of Lent is a perfect time to take the next step. Beginning March 6th, we will eat, pray, and study God’s word together in circles! I hope you will join us!