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Passing Through

Once again, we are almost through graduation season. After attending a number of parties and hosting one for my daughter’s graduation from Culver Stockton, I’m even more aware of life’s changing seasons. Indeed, life is transitory. Life is change. But there is one thing that is eternal: God’s love for us.

I heard a story once about a tourist from America who went to visit renowned Polish Rabbi. The tourist had read a lot about this wonderful teacher and so he was very surprised to see the rabbi’s house was only a simple room filled with books, plus a table and a bench. “Rabbi,” asked the tourist, “where is your furniture?” “Where is yours?” replied the rabbi. “Mine?” asked the puzzled American. “But I am only a visitor here. I’m passing through.” Said the rabbi, “So am I.”

Indeed, we are all just passing through – and the older I get, the more I’m struck by that fact. Sometimes all these changes can be unsettling and hard – especially when we’ve placed our trust in anything other than God’s steadfast and unchanging love.

Therefore, in a season of growth and change, may God’s eternal love be our anchor and firm foundation.