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Taking Inventory

When Tammy and I moved into our home three years ago, we spent several weeks going through all the stuff in our storage room. We did it box by box, throwing out the stuff that wasn’t worth keeping, giving away the stuff we didn’t need anymore, and neatly putting away the things we treasure.

We now have more stuff haphazardly strewn across the floor of our basement – some of it ours and some of it belonging to our adult children who periodically pass through. This week we started all over again. It’s not much fun – but it’s a necessary discipline.

In Alcoholics Anonymous, the 4th step of their 12 step program is to “Make a searching and fearless moral inventory…” In the same way it’s necessary to take stock of all the stuff that collects in our homes, I think it’s important to do a spiritual inventory every now and then, as well.

Are we collecting trash or treasures? Are we hanging on to things that poison our spirits or nourish them? Are we working to “build treasures in heaven where moth and rust cannot destroy?” Join us in worship this weekend as we reach out for the things worth keeping!