Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

A Church for All Ages!

Something I have always loved about church is that it’s a place where all generations gather together. On a Sunday morning, it isn’t unusual to have people from 1 week to 101 years old in the same service. At church, older adults, youth and young children interact in so many beautiful ways.

Living in a culture that is constantly on the move, it isn’t unusual for children to grow up completely disconnected from their grandparents and other extended family. Likewise, older adults often move into retirement communities where children and young people are a rare sight. Church may be one of the last places that doesn’t divide us up according to age.

This past Saturday, I saw a great illustration of this at First Christian Church. There was a baby shower, a funeral dinner, and a wedding all happening in different parts of the building. As several people noticed, “It’s the whole life cycle!” Indeed, our church is place where all are welcome and all are called to “be and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.” That is our mission – and I’m glad to join God’s children of all ages in living out that mission as a part of God’s family!