Our mission leads us to be and to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

A Facebook Fan

Time to talk Facebook. In full disclosure, I love Facebook! I’m “Friends” with old classmates. I can “see” what family is up to—especially those out of town. It also gives me an opportunity to share with my “Friends” exciting things happening in the Kircher household.

With Facebook there are many opportunities where “Friends” seek guidance and prayer. A “friend” shared that her father was ill, and asked her “Friends” to pray for him. Between the “likes” and “shares” of the request, imagine the number of people praying for her father–the power of Jesus through social media!

A favorite, though, are “updates” from Holy Ground. We have many children and adults that spend a week in the summer with God at the Christian Conference Center. A picture was “posted” to Facebook recently of campers around a campfire sharing songs, sharing prayers and sharing Jesus—so powerful! Spending time on Holy Ground exists because of people like you being and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. FCC has donated nearly $100,000 to the “Our Path Together” project—and we aren’t finished yet, so please continue to pray about your gift to OPT!